1. What is Business Credit?
Business Credit obtained with no personal guarantee can only be obtained by businesses operating as a Corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC). A federal tax ID number linked to the business creates the ability for businesses to obtain credit independent of the business owners’ personal credit history; Thereby, holding the business and not the business owner responsible for credit obtained.
2. I have a new business, can you help me establish business credit?
Absolutely, we help new and existing businesses establish business credit every day, not impacting the business owners’ personal credit – GUARANTEED.
3. What are business credit bureaus?

Within the business credit industry, three major business credit bureaus exist.

-Dun N Bradstreet (DNB) the largest business credit bureau.

-Experian Small Business, a division of Experian personal credit.

-Equifax Business, a division of Equifax personal credit.

The three major business credit bureaus report solely on the payment histories of credit extended to businesses.

4. How much business credit can my business reasonably expect to obtain?
On average, a business that has established a seasoned business credit profile can obtain significantly more business credit compared to an individual with excellent credit. Newly established businesses can obtain smaller amounts of business credit. As their business establishes their business credit worthiness, larger amounts of credit will be available.
5. Does obtaining business credit impact the business owners personal credit?
The purpose of establishing a Corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC) and building a business credit profile is to separate the business owner from their business. Utilizing this process will permit businesses to use their EIN (Federal Tax ID) to obtain credit. As businesses obtain and utilize credit and repay as agreed upon, larger and additional credit will become available.
6. Can I establish business credit after declaring bankruptcy for my old business?
Individuals may obtain as many Corporations and Limited Liability Companies (LLC) as they have a need for. Recently, business credit bureaus have had the ability to cross reference owners of prior owned businesses to newly formed businesses. If a business has defaulted on its credit and decides to establish a new business, and build business credit, it can be accomplished if additional steps are implemented.
7. Who can obtain business credit reports?
Within the business credit industry, there are no government regulations restricting any individuals or businesses from obtaining any businesses credit report. This is accomplished by simply paying a fee to any business credit bureau. Unlike the personal credit industry, which requires an individuals’ permission to obtain their credit report, no permission from a business owner is required.
8. What is a SIC code, and why is it important?
Our government and the business credit industry utilize a SIC code, also known as Standard Industrial Classification. This system consists of an numerical code allowing our government and business lenders to track specific industries’ success and failure rates. Additionally, lenders and businesses extending credit utilize SIC codes to determine credit guidelines for specific businesses.
9. What type of business credit can my business obtain?
There are no products or services including cash credit that cannot be obtained utilizing business credit. As a business establishes credit worthiness, which is determined by several factors including information as reported on their business credit report and their business’ ability to repay credit, larger lines of credit will become available.
10. How do I know if my business is beginning to establish a positive credit profile?
A good indicator of your business having a positive business credit profile would be when your business begins to receive business credit pre-approvals by mail. Many businesses and lenders obtain business credit reports to offer credit to businesses that meet their lending criteria. It is advisable for all businesses to obtain their business credit report and verify that the information being reported is accurate and current.